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Family Law Lawyer Colorado Springs Popular Law Specializations

If you know that you want to be a lawyer that is only the first step. The next step is the one that will determine what your career will look like. You will be choosing what your specialization will be. There are a lot of different specializations that you can focus on and because of that you should pay attention to all the possibilities. You have options with law such as intellectual property, criminal, environmental, health care and others that will be very different from one another says Family Law Lawyer Colorado Springs. To make your decision simpler you should start by looking at what gets your attention the most. Chances are that something got your attention and made you want to become a lawyer, so here are some of the most popular specializations that you could be thinking about.

Criminal Law & First Amendment Law

Without a doubt this specialization is one of the most popular in the field. The reason is that criminal law is a very rewarding choice, not to mention it is the specialization that will get the most attention by the media or Hollywood. But the idea that you may have of a criminal lawyer may be a bit distorted because of the way a criminal lawyer is described in those mediums. The responsibility that you have to your client and community is as high as it gets. The main focus of criminal law is the prosecution by the government of an individual accused of having committed a crime. A crime must be defined by precedent and common law. The state will win a criminal case if it manages to prove guilt beyond reasonable doubt explains Family Law Lawyer Colorado Springs. The criminal justice specialization is designed for potential lawyers who would like to explore the intersection of psychology and the law. The training required in this specialization area exposes lawyers to issues of criminal law, social justice, domestic violence, deviant behavior and substance abuse. You may have been attracted to the field by a passion for the constitution and its protection. No amendment in the Bill of Rights is as far reaching as the right to free speech, the press and freedom of assembly. First amendment law is the specialization that helps keep the right to free speech even in those situations when the speech may not be popular speech. There are also clauses in the constitution that will help you with the first amendment law specialization like the clause in the 14th amendment which protects individuals from state interference with speech. The reason this specialization is so popular is because of the passion that people have to protect the constitution.

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Family Law Lawyer Colorado Springs Popular Law Specializations

Business Law

Out of all the specializations, the one that will always be in high demand is business law. As the name suggests, business law deals with commerce and industry. That may include taxes, trade marketing, licensing and liability. Business law is therefore like a tree with a lot of branches where the specialization and level of activity depends on the size of the business states Family Law Lawyer Colorado Springs. Small businesses need special counsel with taxes, natural resources and commercial zoning laws. Bigger businesses will be the focus of corporate law which mostly will deal with structuring and finances of a well-established business. These are only some of the specializations, but you can get a lot more ideas on different ones from your state’s bar. You should always focus on the branch of law that makes you passionate and you will never lose. From contracts to business organization to employment law, the Business Law specialization will teach you how to navigate legal challenges. This specialization will give you the opportunity to choose from a core group of business law courses that will help you gain an understanding of the legal issues you will need to consider when making business decisions.

Family Law

Family lawyers handle cases related to divorce, child support and custody, juvenile delinquency, adoption and other domestic matters. Most lawyers who specialize in family law work in small firms with 15 or fewer attorneys or in nonprofit or government agencies. Most states do not allow a lawyer to advertise a specialization in any sector of the law unless issued a certification by the Supreme Court in his jurisdiction. While these certifications are typically reserved for patent attorneys, a lawyer can specialize by default by focusing her practice on family law issues, beginning in law school and even college. Take as many psychology, sociology, and counseling courses as you can while in college. These courses will help you understand how members of a family interact with one another. Focus your law school elective course work on family law-related classes. Most law schools offer courses in traditional family law, juvenile practice and alternative-dispute resolution explains Family Law Lawyer Colorado Springs. Additional courses that will assist in the practice of family law include personal income taxation, criminal law and procedure and constitutional law. Draft a resume that focuses on your family law experience or any additional experiences that may be beneficial to a family law practitioner. However, if you have a long work history in diverse fields or are entering law practice as a second career, you should only list experiences relevant to the practice of family law on your resume. Focus your career on family law practice by starting a small firm in your community or joining an established practice that handles family-related cases. Keep apprised of new developments in the law by attending continuing-education courses (CLEs) on family law topics.

Family Law Lawyer Colorado Springs Popular Law Specializations


Family Law Lawyer Colorado Springs: Domestic Partnership & Unmarried Couples

People live together rather than marry for any number of reasons. In some cases (such as same-sex relationships), the couple may be unable to legally marry. In others, the couple may prefer unmarried cohabitation to marriage for a variety of reasons. Not seeing a need for “a piece of paper” to express their commitment to each other. Or perhaps not wanting to incur the obligation to support or share property with each other say Family Law Lawyer Colorado Springs. They may also want to avoid the stress and expense of a divorce if the relationship doesn’t work out. Whatever their reasons for living together rather than marrying, many couples who live together don’t give enough thought to and may have made mistaken assumptions about their legal rights and obligations.

Power of Attorney

If you are living in a committed non-marital relationship, you may want to have your partner rather than your immediate family & make health care decisions for you if you are unable to make them for yourself. You can accomplish this goal through a Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care. A durable power of attorney for health care is a document which nominates your partner or another person as your “agent” to act for you in making most health care decisions if you are incapacitated explains Family Law Lawyer Colorado Springs. This document can also contain instructions to your agent regarding your desires. For example, it can state whether or not you want your physician to “pull the plug” if you have a terminal illness, or if you are in a coma or a vegetative state. It can state which types of treatments you wish to have provided, and which types you wish to have withheld.

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Family Law Lawyer Colorado Springs: Domestic Partnership & Unmarried Couples

Need for agreements

One of the most important differences between marriage and unmarried cohabitation is that while marriage involves a highly defined set of rights and obligations, unmarried cohabitation does not. While some might say this is exactly the reason they want to avoid marriage, the lack of clear legal rules and built-in protections can result in unpleasant surprises. Most unmarried couples who live together don’t have a written agreement governing their rights and obligations, but virtually all of them should. As you set up a household together, each of you has certain expectations regarding your finances and your obligations to each other. You may expect that each of you will retain your own separate property, and neither of you will be obligated to support the other say Family Law Lawyer Colorado Springs. Your partner may have the opposite expectation. If you and your partner break up, these conflicting expectations can lead to tremendous distress and unhappiness.

Contractual Agreements

Domestic partners share a long-term, committed relationship without entering into a traditional marriage, common-law marriage, or a civil union explains Family Law Lawyer Colorado Springs. Some jurisdictions offer domestic partnership agreements in order to permit domestic partners to form contractual arrangements concerning common property, monetary support of the other partner, and other domestic considerations. Certain states, such as California allow domestic partners to register with the state in order to obtain legal rights and benefits.

Family Law Lawyer Colorado Springs: Domestic Partnership & Unmarried Couples